Texas Roadhouse and FreshPoint colleagues on the conference stage for the Texas Roadhouse's Vendor of the Year Award.

FreshPoint Receives Texas Roadhouse’s Vendor of the Year Award

FreshPoint was awarded Vendor of the Year by one of our fastest growing customers — Texas Roadhouse We are delighted to announce that FreshPoint was recently awarded Texas Roadhouse’s Vendor of the Year Award at the 2024 Texas Roadhouse Conference that included thousands of Texas Roadhouse team members, also known as “Roadies.” This is a true...

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A picture of tropical fruit with the FreshPoint and BIX logos.

FreshPoint Announces Agreement to Acquire BIX Produce

June 26, 2023 Transaction will expand FreshPoint’s geographic footprint, strengthen specialty offerings HOUSTON, June 26, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Sysco Corporation (NYSE:SYY), announced today that its specialty produce company, FreshPoint, has agreed to acquire BIX Produce, a leading produce specialty and fresh cut distributer based in Minnesota. Founded in 1930, BIX Produce primarily services a broad range of restaurant and other foodservice customers...

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understanding brix and types of produce items

Understanding Brix: Is a Higher Number Always Better?

When it comes to understanding Brix, is a higher number always better? What does a Brix number mean? Let’s start with the basics. The Brix scale is named after Adolf Brix, the inventor of the hydrometer. A hydrometer is a simple measurement device Brix developed for the wine industry to measure the sugar content, called...

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Sysco | FreshPoint completes acquisition of The Coastal Companies

Sysco | FreshPoint completes acquisition of The Coastal Companies

Sysco completes acquisition of the Coastal Companies HOUSTON, Feb. 14, 2022 – Sysco Corporation (NYSE: SYY), the leading global foodservice distribution company, announced today it has completed the acquisition of The Coastal Companies, a leading fresh produce distributor and value-added processer. The acquisition will operate as part of FreshPoint, Sysco’s specialty produce business, and enables...

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The Power In Giving

Recently, FreshPoint South Florida had the privilege in supporting HANDY, Inc. this Thanksgiving season. The Power of Giving – Thank You Kirk Brown, the CEO of HANDY, Inc., wrote to our team, “I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for exercising humanity. This Thanksgiving season, we were able to serve a family style...

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Sysco Corporation acquired Paragon Foods

Sysco Corporation Acquired Paragon Foods, Operating as Part of FreshPoint, Sysco’s Specialty Produce Company

On October 19, 2021, Sysco Corporation acquired Paragon Foods, a Pennsylvania-based broadline fresh produce processor and distributor. The acquisition will operate as part of FreshPoint, Sysco’s specialty produce company. Paragon is a third-generation family-owned business that has been providing quality service to customers throughout Western PA, Eastern OH and Northern WV since 1963. The company...

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Garlic: Perfectly Pungent

Garlic is a go-to ingredient in just about every cuisine and there is most likely a love/hate relationship in every country to go along with it. Love it for the delicious flavor it brings to so many dishes and irresistible aromas it releases while cooking; hate it for the strong trace it can leave on...

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Adapting Your Concept with our Snap-Back Tool Kit

Sysco | FreshPoint Marketing Services offers support for your menu and marketing opportunities. We have developed a comprehensive customer Snap-Back Tool Kit with resources and solutions to help you understand how to promote and streamline your establishment during these unprecedented times. We are here to help you prepare to reopen for service as we navigate...

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freshpoint-produce 101 summer squash zucchini bag

Produce 101: Summer Squash

Summer squash are the young fruit of Cucurbita pepo and members of the Cucurbitaceae family. They are also referred to as courgette in Europe. Melons and cucumber also share in that family tree and are Cucurbits. Produce 101: Summer Squash and Winter Squash There are two “types” of squash: summer squash and winter squash. What...

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produce 101 herbs freshpoint

Produce 101: Herbs

Herbs are one ingredient where a little goes a long way. They add bright, herbaceous flavor to your dishes. They can be used fresh or dried, and each form will have a different effect on your dish’s outcome. When it comes to herbs, more is not always better. It is wise to exercise caution–use too...

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Cooler-storage hints-freshpoint-produce

Cooler Storage Hints: Are you Maximizing Your Biggest Asset?

Restaurants spend an average of 30% of their budget on food cost, so storing your perishables for maximum freshness and shelf life is a priority for any kitchen. Here are some best practices and guidelines that will help you maximize your biggest asset: your cooler. Let’s dig in to some great cooler storage hints. Download...

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freshpoint central florida's open house

FreshPoint Central Florida Hosts Grand Opening Ceremony

JANUARY 22, 2020 This morning, FreshPoint Central Florida hosted a grand opening ceremony and open house for government officials, customers, associates and other members of the community to celebrate the completion of the expanded, state-of-the-art 150,000 square foot facility. Events included a ribbon cutting, facility tour, food demonstrations, tastings and more. As a result of the...

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freshpoint-produce-buying -local-sign

Buying Local: From Trend to Battle Cry

“Buying local” is a mantra that’s moving from a trend to a battle cry. As consumers dine out more often, they’re cooking less and using their voting dollars at restaurants. The force of these food preferences is beginning a trend—gastroadvocacy. These sustainably-conscious patrons are filling seats. According to consumer insight firm, Nielsen Global,  75% of...

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The Cosmic Crisp Apple is in our Orbit

Have you heard about the Cosmic Crisp Apple? While supplies limited at best for its inaugural season, Francy got a hold of a few cases and gave us her first thoughts on it. She found the freckles relatable. As always, she pulls you in for an entertaining read… And once again, freckles are back in...

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Produce 101: Artichokes

The artichoke was well known in ancient Rome, being mentioned as far back as 300 BC. Throughout history, the artichoke was prized for not only for its delicious flavor, but as a key medicinal plant. Uses included diuretic aid, nausea remedy, liver tonic, as an aphrodisiac, a digestive aid, a breath freshener, and even as a deodorant. The...

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Produce 101: Tender Greens

Looking to add more volume, flavor, and texture to your plate? Consider adding greens. But not just any greens–tender greens. Produce 101: Tender Greens What are tender greens? Well, they aren’t lettuces or braising greens, and they are typically used raw or wilted. They range in flavor from mild-almost-neutral, to pungent, spicy, or peppery.  ...

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freshpoint produce 101 citrus

Produce 101: Citrus

Citrus is anything but basic when used in the kitchen. It can be used all over the menu… use it in pastry with the zest and the juice, use it in the bar, use it in gift baskets, even use the segments in a salad. Adding a pop of citrus juice brightens any dish.

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Produce 101: Pears

We know you know what pears are, but do you really *know* pears?

What’s the best pear for poaching? What pear doesn’t usually oxidize and is great raw for salads? What pear is great for snacking? Different varieties have different kitchen roles and selecting the best one for the job can make a difference.

Ethylene can become a friend or foe when it comes to the storage and handling of your produce. Where do pears fall in relation to ethylene?

Let’s dig in.

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