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Adapting Your Concept with our Snap-Back Tool Kit

Sysco | FreshPoint Marketing Services offers support for your menu and marketing opportunities. We have developed a comprehensive customer Snap-Back Tool Kit with resources and solutions to help you understand how to promote and streamline your establishment during these unprecedented times. We are here to help you prepare to reopen for service as we navigate through the new landscape of foodservice business operations.


Preparing to reopen your door creates the opportunity to bring awareness to your operations. Understanding the rules and regulations can be challenging as we shift to a different business model, use these tools to help support your reopening.

Snap-Back Tool Kit: Steps for a Successful Snap-back

As you move forward with reopening or expanding your services, it’s important that you strategize your snap-back plan. This includes current safety and social standards, the power of an online and social media presence, and the creativity and resilience of your team!

Reopening Checklist

As you prepare to reopen your dine-in services and other business offerings, we have a checklist to ensure you have addressed all areas of concern.


Rethink Your Menu

As you reopen your business and dine-in services, you may need to rethink and re-engineer your menu to meet the new expectations of your customers. Single use, easily sanitized, digital display or contactless menus are recommended (or may be required) and serve as a clear indication of your commitment to safety and sanitation.

QR Codes are Convenient

Your customers are looking for a convenient and safe way to view and order from your menu when dining-in. To meet these new expectations, and as an alternative to disposable menus, you may want to offer your menu online and viewable to your customers from their smart phone or tablet. This can be done quickly and easily by using a QR code.


Snap-Back Tool Kit

Inventory Basics

As you consider your menu for reopening, you will want to focus on cross-utilization of inventory in order to minimize excess stock and maximize usage of versatile items. We go over some things to think about and help with inventory basics.


Social-distancing – Reimagine Your Restaurant

Local, state, and federal guidelines for social distancing may require that you reimagine your restaurant and dining room. Staying informed with the latest information is critical as you make decisions and changes to your operation. We have resources available in our guide.

Recommended Messaging (we did the work for you)

We have a list of examples of messages you can use to communicate and promote your services and availability. Consider using some from our Snap-Back Tool Kit in your messaging.

Snap-Back Tool Kit

Safety and Sanitation: Your #1 Priority!

As you reopen your business to dine-in services, assuring your staff and customers of the safety standards and sanitation practices you have implemented is key. Your customers are looking for a dining experience that makes them feel comfortable and confident that their safety is your #1 priority.

Re-engineer Your Menu

Focus on what you do best – provide a consistent, quality product that your customers can count on. Evaluate and update your menu considering the 4P’s of Menu Engineering…what are they?

Click the image to download the Sysco | FreshPoint Snap Back Toolkit!

Snap-Back Tool Kit
Download our Snap-Back Tool Kit today!


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