Food Quality

Purity in Food Quality Assurance

The FreshPoint Quality Assurance Program is the industry’s largest and most comprehensive. It’s a program of stringent product standards and in-depth evaluation. Our Quality Assurance Program deals with seed, soil, water sources, sustainability, environment issues, and even attitudes toward workers. Buyers and Quality Assurance teams supervise our growers and suppliers not only to maintain, but to improve product quality.

People Make the Difference

Our teams contain chemists, food scientists, food experts and buyers who have been in the industry for years. These are the very best technical people in the produce industry. They carefully develop and enforce our rigorous standards for food safety, quality, yield and consistency. Our specialists team is in the fields every day inspecting real time growth and quality. Daily, they are also in the packing facilities for on-site inspection of food safety and quality.

Keeping the Promise

FreshPoint buyers and Quality Assurance team conduct initial audits in the growing fields, packing facilities and numerous product evaluation laboratories throughout the country to ensure that all products are in compliance with our quality specifications. Our Quality Assurance team periodically conducts unannounced in-plant quality audits as an extra precautionary step to assure food safety and quality. Raw ingredients, plant-water quality, the cleanliness of processing equipment, and pest and rodent control are just a few of the conditions reviewed. We ensure that testing for food-born pathogens such as E. coli, salmonella, listeria and botulism is also conducted. Then samples are sent to independent, USDA-certified labs to confirm specification requirements.

What We Do

  • Qualify & Monitor Suppliers
  • Operating Company Training
  • Technical Support for our Customers

Our Quality Assurance team conducts unannounced audits and inspections of our suppliers, and we require independent third party food safety audits to verify and validate their food safety performance and compliance to HACCP.

HACCP was designed by NASA to ensure that our astronauts have the safest food in the universe. We use the same guidelines and require our suppliers to work within those same guidelines in order to ensure our customers have the safest fresh produce on earth. HACCP is a proactive approach to eliminate possible cross-contamination by physical, chemical or biological means. It is required for all approved fresh-cut suppliers. As part of HACCP, food safety measures are implemented including metal detection, grower/shipper pesticide residue testing, chemical tracking programs, temperature controls and verification, testing for pH, APC/TPC, E-coli, Listeria and other pathogenic microbes.

At FreshPoint, Inc., we have an unwavering commitment to food safety and sanitation and we continually strive to raise the standards of excellence for others to follow.

Food Quality Assurance

Food Quality Assurance

Our Quality Assurance Program deals with seed, soil, water sources, sustainability, environment issues, and even attitudes toward workers.