Dishing Out Sustainable Food is Core for Us, and Our Customers

We love being green. We have been green since the very beginning. Avocado green. Kiwifruit green. We’re really into green… and greens. So when it comes to being environmentally green, it’s naturally an extension of what we do and is part of who we are.

The supply of fresh, natural products can only be sustained if the ecosystems that support them are protected. We believe that being a good steward of the environment, in our communities, and being an efficient and profitable business are not mutually exclusive. They are one and the same. It’s not just about being green for green’s sake–It’s about doing things in a smarter way that ultimately benefits the customers we serve and the communities in which we live and work. It simply makes us a superior company.

To foster the most significant impact, we focus our sustainability programs on the key areas of food, operations, and community. For FreshPoint, sustainability is a continuous effort to implement programs that increase the sustainable attributes of our products. Our small improvements are making a big difference. Our Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program works with participating farmers to protect environmentally sensitive growing areas, soil and water sources by encouraging responsible use of fertilizers and pesticides and the use of cover crops, crop rotation and natural pest-control methods. Reducing our carbon footprint by keeping our delivery fleet out of stop-and-go morning traffic helps us reduce fossil fuel use and also aids in the reduction of air pollution. We take seriously our responsibility to develop and protect our associates, support local causes through philanthropy and volunteerism, and engage with others to foster positive change through our business. FreshPoint is committed to taking a leading role in the support of a new vision to protect the land and environment and participate actively in industry discussions.

Why we support local grown produce:

  • Encourage farmland preservation, enhance our historical culture, and beautify our region.
  • Support our family farms and provide a true economic value to our local communities.
  • Lead to a cleaner environment with less fuel burned when shipped from nearby farms.
  • Locally grown produce promotes the use of less pesticides and chemicals, and provides for produce that is fresher and healthier.
  • Lowered transportation costs and reduced carbon footprint

It is our responsibility to ensure that highly differentiated products are successfully produced for our future generations.

We are committed to leading eco-conscious business practices through the implementation & expansion of energy-saving programs across all our operations.

Read our sustainability report and learn more by clicking HERE.

Supporting good agricultural practices

Supporting good agricultural practices

FreshPoint is helping to create environmental stewardship and rural social vitality.