The Produce Hunter curates the Farmers’ Markets, and works with small, local family farmers committed to sustainable agriculture, responsible production, and propagation and promotion of fruit and vegetables with exceptional flavor.

Our team combs the Farmers’ Markets for the very best fruits and vegetables, grown by farmers who use practices that protect our planet. We test the fruits for sugar content, taste everything, ask our chefs for feedback, and identify the best iteration of each item. Then, we bring the very best of the Farmers’ Market back to the warehouse, pack it to rigorous specifications, and make it available to all our customers. So, if you don’t have the time or manpower to go to the Farmers’ Market, we will deliver the Farmers’ Market to you.

Look for our Local Flavor Report via email. Ask your salesperson to add those items to your order guide, and the best of the Farmers’ Markets will be at your fingertips and in your kitchen.