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Why Mashed Rutabaga Should be on your Thanksgiving Menu

Potatoes are great. Mashed potatoes are even better. But there’s more to mash than the potato. You can mash sweet potatoes, butternut squash, or cauliflower…however, there’s one underutilized root veggie that I’d like to call attention to: the rutabaga. Ok, your nose just wrinkled. Rutabaga? You bet. They make an incredible mash. I took over...

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The importance of produce in holiday food traditions

The winter holiday season has numerous festive holiday food traditions, many steeped in the religious and cultural histories of the season. Some may be familiar, such as the fruitcake, some may not be. Produce plays a prominent role in many of these holiday food traditions, so let’s take a look at some of these traditions...

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Chestnuts: How one tree wiped out an industry

Few food items are as linked to a holiday as are chestnuts. I suppose the association began in 1946 when Nat Cole recorded The Christmas Song, with the verse, “Chestnuts roasting on an open fire Jack Frost nipping at your nose…” However associated chestnuts have become with the holiday season, they have been a food...

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Microgreens are the perfect garnish for your Valentine's menu.

Valentine’s Day Garnish Ideas with Color and Flavor

Valentine’s Day Garnish Ideas with Color and Flavor: But not Just for Valentines Day! Edible garnishes might be small, but they can really amplify a plate presentation. We are going to talk briefly about the two categories of garnish: edible flowers and microgreens. Edible flowers are a beautiful way to add a huge pop of...

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January is Fiber Focus Month

Looking to get Healthy in the New Year? How About More of This…

January is Fiber Focus Month According to NBC News, “Get Healthy” was the top 2017 New Year’s resolution search, with 62,776,640 Google searches—up 13% from last year. With over 60 million people asking how to get healthy, what about doing something simple, like adding more fiber to your diet? But fiber means bran muffins! Fiber...

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