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Video: Blood oranges and Cara Cara oranges

Dan and Francy talk to us today about Blood oranges and Cara Cara oranges.


I’ve brought along two varieties of oranges that I really love today. Blood oranges and Cara Cara oranges.

The first one is the pink flesh Cara Cara orange. First discovered in Venezuela on a farm, in 1976. This was the accidental crossing of the Washington navel and Bahia navel. It’s very sweet, slightly acidic, and mostly seedless.

The Moro blood orange is actually my favorite. The deep red flesh is where the orange gets its name. Slightly bitter, slightly acidic, and with nice raspberry undertones.


As you can see, Francy also loves Blood oranges…

She writes:

“I grew up eating oranges off the tree in my Florida backyard, but it wasn’t until I was a first block culinary student at The Culinary Institute of America when I learned about blood oranges.

I was instantly fascinated and enamored with their beauty and uniqueness.  And instantly horrified at the tale another student told about a prep cook discarding an entire case of blood oranges because he kept slicing the oranges open and they were all dark and gross inside!

Part of me still wants to believe this was an urban myth.“…

Click here to read the rest of her story.



Blood oranges are generally available from December through April domestically and imported from August to October. Cara cara oranges are generally available from December through April.

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Content provided by Francy Deskin, the Specialties Coordinator for FreshPoint South Florida. She has spent 20+ years in kitchens, including as an Executive Chef, and she loves all things food. Follow FreshPoint South Florida on Facebook.

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