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Take Your Children to Work Day, FreshPoint South Florida style

This year, Florida moved the national Take Your Children to Work Day event from April to February 2nd, and boy did the children of FreshPoint South Florida have fun!

The day started out with snacks (who doesn’t like to start the day with snacks?) and a meeting with the president, Clay Wachter. The day continued with moving around the facility in scheduled time blocks to learn about all the different jobs and roles we have with FreshPoint.

At the end of the busy day, they asked them the question, “what did I learn about FreshPoint today”, and here is what they wrote:

  • “…today I learned that the box trucks can get to -16°…also in customer service you have to have patience…there is a department for everything… and a truck can weigh 10,000 pounds!”
  • “I learned today that it is a lot more work than I thought that goes into delivering produce to customers. It is a long process, like inspecting all the fruits and veggies so it is safe for everyone. I would love to come back next year to learn more in depth into what goes on in the warehouse. Today was very fun, and I made a lot of new friends and good memories.” Yay—you can come back anytime!
  • “…today I learned they package the foods, and that it is by the top row then vertical. Rob said that the bigger the number the smaller the tomato…then we went to FreshCuts where they dice, cut, and peel the foods…then customer service where they can order products…then we went to see the trucks and I got to honk the horn…
  • “The day was very informative... This year I’ve learned that there are many different jobs that are essential to the success of a company…many jobs might not seem as important, but to the customer, whether they know it or not, they’re very important. FreshPoint takes extra steps to insure the happiness of their customers and even their employees. The employees have a great community and everyone seems happy. Overall, FreshPoint is a great company that in my eyes is doing great in the satisfaction of their staff and customers.”

“Take Your Children to Work Day was a great day for the children, the parents, and all associates of FreshPoint South Florida. We had positive feedback from associates about the day and that it truly reflected our value of family.” –Wanda Mainella, HRBP.

  • “I learned that we should not use our phone or eat while you are driving, and you shouldn’t drive with one hand, and pay attention when you drive.”
  • “What I learned about FreshPoint… when you drive a truck you need to pay attention when you are driving, no eating, and no smoking…I hope I can come back to FreshPoint again.” Yes, come back!
  • “I learned that when you work in customer service you have to be nice and use a nice voice. They taught me that you have to be nice to the customer…I also learned that a truck weighs 10,000 lbs.”
  • “There are 502 people that work at FreshPoint. Three different places to go. FreshCuts is where they store and cut the fruits and vegetables. People are taught to take orders in order to get them shipped out…Onions are stronger than usual…My mom takes care of tomatoes all day, yuck! FreshCuts slice and dice the fruit and vegetables so restaurants won’t have to…You have to be 18 years old and you have a grade A driver’s license in order to drive a truck. Being at FreshPoint is better than going to school.” Ok, but stay in school :) 
  • “…We learned about the different areas of FreshPoint such as FreshCuts, social (customer) service, and the transportation site. The beginning of the day, my sister and I went on a tour of the cold area my mother works. We helped her with some of the packages…We learned some interesting things like how they see if the fruit or veggie is good. The measurements of the fruit or veggie and how to store it. Also we went near the trucks where they store food, we went to eat and we watched a video about people on their phone and how they got in trouble for it. This was honestly the best bring your child to work day ever.”
  • “I learned about safety from Mr. Rene. I went to the cutting room and the onions burnt our eyes. We were given a tour and showed the delivery trucks and weights with Mr. Roger.”
  • “Today I learned that there are many different departments and many different people that go into the FreshPoint company. FreshCuts, Human Resources, customer service, and many more groups help this company run smoothly.”

It sounds like the kids learned a lot that day!

Thank you to the team at FreshPoint South Florida for organizing such a great Take Your Children to Work Day event.

We hope the kids all made some great memories and learned that we are all about people, passion, and produce.



Content and image provided by the team at FreshPoint South Florida. Follow FreshPoint South Florida on Facebook and Instagram.

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