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Touring with the Hyundai Green Food Group

FreshPoint San Francisco met with five members of the Hyundai Green Food group. They do Institutional Catering, Restaurant/Concession, Retail Business, Food Material Distribution, and wholesale import and export.

Touring the facility, they asked lots of questions and looked at many specialty produce items. Prior to their visit, they went to Sysco San Francisco and their meat company Newport Meats.

FreshPoint San Francisco president Scott Davis said, “We enjoyed our time learning about their business and talking about ours.” Scott and his team discussed the many aspects of produce distribution, such as shipping and handling, and produce specifications.

When companies love what they do, it certainly shows!

Submitted by: Scott Davis, President of FreshPoint San Francisco

  • Hyundai Green Food meets with FreshPoint San Francisco.
  • During the tour, they were impressed with their specialty items, including Buddha's Hand citron.
  • FreshPoint San Francisco President Scott Davis talks about frisee, and the importance of "blanching."
  • The Hyundai Green Food group tours the FreshPoint San Francisco facility.
  • Learning about how the pulling and shipping process works.
  • Learning about pineapples.
  • Learning about pineapples.
  • Scott Davis discusses pineapples with the Hyundai Green Food group.
  • FreshPoint San Francisco hosts the Hyundai Green Food group.