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Strawberries and Champagne freshpoint produce vanderbilt university 1

Strawberries and Champagne: A Vanderbilt tradition

Strawberries and Champagne is one of Vanderbilt University’s longest running traditions for their graduating class Commencement Week celebration.

Strawberries and Champagne freshpoint produce vanderbilt university 1
The most delicious tradition we can think of!


This year they purchased 672 flats of Driscoll’s strawberries totaling nearly 5,400 pounds!

Our crew arrived at the university at 4 a.m. We were able to wash each flat of berries and reload them on pallets to transfer to each individual location. One location was for the graduate degree students which is decorated in yellow and white, and the two other locations were for the undergraduate students which was decorated in red and white.


Strawberries and Champagne freshpoint produce vanderbilt university 2
A gorgeous display!


At each location were white tents with long tables where we displayed the berries in mounds.

It looked immaculate! There were gold coins and powdered sugar as an extra treat. Lastly, when the graduates and their families arrived, champagne was served and the students and their families were able to mingle and enjoy.


Strawberries and champagne Emily Warren, Anansa Ochieng, Kristin Michael, Brianna Spencer
pictured L-R: Emily Warren, Anansa Ochieng, Kristin Michael, Brianna Spencer…and flats of strawberries!


Along with myself, our team for the event this year were sales reps Todd Johnson, Emily Warren, and Brianna Spencer, sales manager Kristin Michaels, and President Jim Williamson.


strawberries and champagne vanderbilt university 3
Jim Williamson, President of FreshPoint Nashville.


Wade Smades, whom has a wonderful relationship with Vanderbilt and before his promotion was the dedicated year-round Vanderbilt driver, also participated.

Strawberries and champagne
Wade Smades and Kristin Michael are all smiles!


This is the first year they were able to attend the event and they nailed it! We also had the Sysco MA and Brad the Contract Manager with Sysco help oversee the events and they helped wash and arrange and reload the berries.

strawberries and champagne freshpoint vanderbilt university 5
Ready for the ceremony!


They were a huge support, and it showed Vanderbilt how important they are to us. It was a long day, but the Vanderbilt team were very grateful and their annual strawberries and champagne event was a great success!



Content and images provided by Anansa Ochieng, Marketing Associate for FreshPoint Nashville. Follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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