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A truly ancient fruit.

A truly ancient fruit, the Fig, can be traced back to 5,000 B.C.  Fig trees bear a first crop, called the breba crop, on last season’s growth.Then, there’s a two- to three-week gap, before the main crop, born on the new growth, begins. Figs do not ripen after they are harvested, so you must have truly tree ripe Figs to get the very best flavor.

These Black Mission Figs are grown on a small family farm in California’s southern San Joaquin Valley, and their flavor is outstanding; delicious, rich and Figgy. They taste like Fig jam. But don’t just think of Figs for sweet applications!

In her book, Chez Panisse Fruit, Alice Waters states, “[The Fig’s] soft, honeyed character tames the aggressiveness of hot peppers, garlic, and onions; stands up to the assertiveness of anchovies; and is beautifully complemented by the herbaceous flavors of thyme, mint and lavender. The classic Italian combination of figs and prosciutto has led us to explore other combinations of figs with salty or smoky pork and poultry.”

Truly tree ripe Black Mission Figs- You will taste the difference! Breba crop available now into mid-July, Main crop available starting late August.

The Produce Hunter  works with small, family farmers committed to sustainable agriculture, responsible production, and propagation and promotion of fruit and vegetable varieties with exceptional flavor.


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