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Behind the Wheel

A Driver’s Perspective of DRIVE CAM
Leonard Papagno is a Driver at FreshPoint Central Florida. He recently shared his perspective of the video surveillance feature “Drive Cam”, a safety camera installed on all FreshPoint delivery trucks that is automatically triggered by unsafe driving actions.Leonard explains, “When I first heard of drive cam I was very leery and upset with this perceived invasion of privacy. Was this George Orwell’s “1984” coming to life? Was there nothing sacred anymore about being alone with ones thoughts? Where I work we implemented drive cam and of course there was an uproar and everybody complained loudly about the prospect of being watched at all times while in the truck.There were rumors that you could activate the camera remotely and be spied on without your knowledge which was soon dispelled by watching a video presentation about drive cam. However, some people refused to believe that this still could not be used against you without your knowledge. Some people are just too concerned with conspiracy for their own good.We all were given a month break-in period to get used to the drive cam and become used to its function. The first time the light turns red when an event happens was very unnerving to me personally, that’s when you get the full meaning of how this thing actually works. When I say event, I mean something that can trigger the camera to go off, such as a hard breaking, or a sudden swerve. The camera is activated and the event is recorded from 8 seconds before the event to 4 seconds after the event for a total of 12 seconds.

The event is then stored in the camera for uploading the next day or if you wish can be manually sent by the driver.

Firstly, I think this is a great tool for safety and it ultimately will make you a better driver. You truly learn how bad your driving habits are when you watch a video of yourself doing something stupid. As a professional driver I am at all times expected to be the best driver on the road period. I can have no excuses or reasons for anything less than perfection. I cannot let my emotions or mood dictate how I drive, I always have to be the best driver period. Having said this, I am also a human being and as such, I have fallacies and imperfections that make me vulnerable to failure. This is not an excuse, this is a fact and having said that I will be the first to admit I still hate drive cam and yet love its function in the work place. It cannot be said enough that this will make you a better driver or send you packing. I have been in a hate love relationship with this thing since its inception and mainly because of my intense personality have made it known about my objections to no avail of course because it’s not going anywhere in the future.

With the advent of technology comes the risk of invasion of privacy and the possible negative fallout from such intrusions. But, also with technology comes the possibility of making your work environment a safer place to work. I’m all for a safer work place and a safer place to work. I truly appreciate the capabilities of drive cam and will continue to support its use. Even though I truly distain its use in my person, like I said a love hate relationship. I will never argue against its merits as a tool for safety.

Drive cam and systems like this are the way of the future for trucking companies that truly care about the public and its personnel’s safety. A 1 800  sticker just doesn’t cut it anymore.”