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Phil talks to us about the perfect piece of stone fruit, Georgia peaches.

Can this be the perfect piece of stone fruit?


Today we’re going to talk about Georgia peaches.

These peaches are from Pearson Farm in Fort Valley, Georgia.

In my opinion, they’re the perfect piece of stone fruit. They have a very thin skin, the mixture of acidity and sweetness is almost perfect—not too sweet, not overly mushy, not too acidic, not too hard… this is a beautiful piece of fruit.

Peaches come in two distinct classes: one is freestone and one is clingstone. These are clingstone peaches, which means the flesh sticks to the pit, so when you slice it, you have to slice it off the pit.

After that, you can grill it, you can roast it, you can stew it down (with) lots of sugar, you can make a cobbler with it, you can add it as a great counterpoint to types of meat, you can throw it in with pork—it’s delicious.

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*The Georgia peach season generally runs from late-April into early July; but this year, the season wrapped up in mid-to late-June.

Image and content provided by Philip Spencer, the Culinary Development Specialist for FreshPoint Atlanta. He has spent 16 years in kitchens, working under numerous James Beard Award winning chefs, and he loves to talk about produce with customers. Follow FreshPoint Atlanta on Facebook and Instagram.

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