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The Chef’s Basket


Caroline Ross, Produce Specialist, meets with Chef Troy Thompson of the Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills twice a week to discuss upcoming events, menu plans, and the Chef’s Basket. Caroline has been working with Chef Troy for almost a year now. Prior to being appointed as the Executive Chef at the Beverly Hilton a year ago, Chef Troy served as the Executive Chef at the Ritz Carlton in Marina Del Rey for six years.

FreshPoint So Cal puts together a weekly basket of Farmers’ Market items to promote our local farmers and excite Chefs with the freshest and newest produce on the market. Last week, as Caroline discussed the Chef’s Basket, she talked with Chef Troy about the effects of California’s recent weather and how to plan for upcoming events as we step out of summer and begin to see more autumn produce come to the Farmers’ Market.

Last week’s Chef’s Basket included young ginger, Persian cucumbers, black coco beans, a yellow pluot, a yellow peach, and both red and white pomegranates. Caroline met with Chef Troy as he prepared his Amenity baskets, inspiring Chef to order yellow pluots, yellow peaches, and red pomegranates.

FreshPoint and the Beverly Hilton are proud partners and work closely together to provide the best dining experience in one Southern California’s finest hotels.



FreshPoint was recently recognized with the Produce for Better Health (PBH) Foundation’s prestigious Role Model Award. The annual award recognizes public and private organizations for outstanding efforts in increasing the visibility, recognition and impact of the “Fruits & Veggies—More Matters” national health campaign. To learn more, visit

FreshPoint has also taken the pledge to Eat by Example from the PMA. Have you signed up yet?




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