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The head of a lion, but mild as a lamb: Shishito peppers

Today we’re going to talk about Shishito peppers.

As you can see, the head of the Shishito pepper looks just like the head of a lion, I guess. Shishito peppers are a mild pepper—you can eat them raw, but most people cook them. The cool thing about them is they’re thin-skinned, so they can be blistered easily in a pan, an oven, you can roast them, you can grill them… and once they are scorched they take on a smoky flavor, and it’s really cool with a light acidic dipping sauce.

But be careful—about one out of every ten peppers can be hot, so watch out the next time you’re eating a huge pile of Shishito peppers for that one hot pepper.

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Shishito peppers FreshPoint produce

*Shishito peppers are usually available year round, making them the perfect menu item.

Image and content provided by Philip Spencer, the Culinary Development Specialist for FreshPoint Atlanta. He has spent 16 years in kitchens, working under numerous James Beard Award winning chefs, and he loves to talk about produce with customers. Follow FreshPoint Atlanta on Facebook and Instagram.

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