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GFSI: When your reputation is on the line, food safety matters

We take the lead in the industry when it comes to food safety, for us, it’s priority one.

Joe Stoner, our Regional Director of Food Safety, took some time to tell us what food safety means to FreshPoint.

What does GFSI certification mean to FreshPoint?

“This globally accepted certification for FreshPoint shows our dedication to food safety at the highest level. Beginning in the fall of 2011, FreshPoint became the first Sysco-owned company to achieve GFSI certification. By the fall of 2015, all 23 FreshPoint locations have achieved and maintained this highest level Food Safety Certification. This shows our dedication to food safety across our enterprise, and sets us apart in the produce distribution industry.”

Did you know we have the largest QA staff in the industry?


 What does Food Safety mean to you?

“Food Safety to me means a culture, not a guidance or a piece of paper. For this food safety culture to be in place, it must come from the top down. We have the full support of FreshPoint executive management. Given that support, along with having a dedicated Food Safety Program Manager for each location that reports directly into FreshPoint Corporate Director, we have created a Food Safety culture across all of our FreshPoint locations that is best-in-class.”

Thank you Joe, we know you and your team take pride in making FreshPoint a leader in food safety.

Buying your fresh produce and ready-to-eat items from a reliable vendor helps to ensure food safety. Take a look at the company’s reputation, and find out if they have a comprehensive food safety program in place. One food safety incident can set you back time, resources, and money—and also damage your reputation.



Blog post submission by Joe Stoner, Regional Director of Food Safety for FreshPoint.

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