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Breathe Some Fire into your Menu with Red Dragon Fruit!

Red Dragon Fruit, originally known as Pitahaya, is native to Central America, and is grown in the dryer tropic climates of Asia and the Americas.

The fruit is related to the cactus pear, and grows on a vine-like member of the cactus family. Its cultivars have flesh of various colors: white, pink and the most striking magenta-red.



While white and pink fruit is more common, we prefer the more flamboyant Red Dragon Fruit.  It has a sweet and mild flavor, and the texture is similar to kiwi, with randomly strewn small, crunchy, black seeds. It’s like a crazy, red, Latin kiwi.

Red Dragon Fruit is often served in salads, drinks and savory dishes. Chefs dry thin slices for beautiful garnish or use it to create a new twist on classic mojo, but the possibilities are endless.  On the plate, treat red Dragon Fruit like a red beet; its color stains everything in its path.

The Produce Hunter’s red Dragon Fruit is grown in San Diego County, and is harvested when vine ripe. Its flavor is far superior to that of imported Dragon Fruit. You will taste the difference!



Content and images contributed by Karen Beverlin, Vice President of Specialty Sales at The Produce Hunter. Follow her as she finds the best of the Santa Monica Farmers Market every week with on Instagram.

The Produce Hunter curates the farmers markets, and works with small, local family farmers committed to sustainable agriculture, responsible production, and propagation and promotion of fruit and vegetables with exceptional flavor.

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