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The best tasting, sweetest corn we’ve found

The corn grown in the Brentwood area of California’s Sacramento River Delta is the best tasting, sweetest corn we’ve found.

Known as Brentwood corn, this product has the well-deserved reputation across the country as the benchmark against which all other corn is measured.

However, all Brentwood corn is not created equal! Over the past eight seasons, we have tested all the Brentwood corn brands, and the Brentwood corn grown by third generation California farmer Mark Dwelley consistently has more sugar than any other. We don’t know how Mark does it, but his tests two to five degrees higher every time! Thanks to the consistent quality and higher sugar content, we stock only Dwelley Farm’s Brentwood corn.

Now is the time to start featuring Brentwood Corn grown by Dwelley Farm. We accept no substitutes and neither should you!


Grilled Brentwood corn with garlic and chili butter.


Brentwood corn is available from June into early September.

Content contributed by Karen Beverlin, Vice President of Specialty Sales at The Produce Hunter. Follow her as she finds the best of the Santa Monica Farmers Market every week with on Instagram.

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