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Founded in 1932 as Overton Distributors, FreshPoint Nashville serves all of Tennessee and portions of Southern KY, Northern MS, and Northern AL with the finest quality produce and service. Our core values of integrity, excellence, teamwork, responsibility, and inclusiveness help us to achieve our mission of delivering success for our customers through industry-leading people, products, and solutions.


  • 36,300 square-foot warehouse in Nashville.
  • Refrigerated loading and receiving dock ensuring an unbroken cold chain.
  • Refrigerated delivery fleet of 29 trucks, 2 vans and 2 shuttles for outlying area deliveries with temperature and humidity control and FreshLoc technology.
  • Dedicated produce specialists to assist you with menu planning and all your produce needs.
  • Internet ordering through myFreshPoint.com provides online access to your account, saving you time and money. You can pay bills, get copies of invoices, and track account history at any time.
  • State-of-the-art Local Product reporting module.

food safety

  • Fully-documented HAACP and recall program FDA/USDA compliant.
  • FDA compliant with Homeland Security bioterrorism guidelines.
  • Facility is Primus GFSI Certified.
  • Disaster Preparedness Action Plan in place.
  • Certificate of Insurance and Grower Good Agriculture Practice required on all products.
  • Contracted USDA inspectors onsite.

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740 Massman Drive
Nashville, TN 37216

P: 615-256-8143 | F: 615-296-0410

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With unmatched fresh produce, knowledge and experience, FreshPoint provides today’s chefs with the ingredients to create tomorrow’s culinary success. Over the last few decades, we have seen revolutionary changes in the produce industry—from refrigerated trucks and fresh-cut produce to submitting and processing orders online. With these innovations, our passion for produce and commitment to helping our customers succeed remains unchanged.
Which is better, white flesh or yellow flesh stone fruit?

It all depends on what you prefer. White flesh stone fruits typically have a pale flesh and lower acid (also called sub-acid) and known for their sweetness...sometimes almost syrupy sweet...while yellow-fleshed stone fruits have a sharper acidity that balances the flavor to round things out.

Whatever your preference, add peaches to your summer menu!
Throughout the summer many varieties of melon are available—and they are so refreshing on a hot summer day! 🍈 Here is a quick tip for storage:

Melons are susceptible to chill damage, but cantaloupe can be stored at colder temperatures than honeydew or watermelon. This works out well, since cantaloupe also produce ethylene, and honeydew and watermelon are both ethylene sensitive, so keep them apart in storage.

Summer is a fantastic time to add melons to your menu. The sweetness of melons lend themselves to savory additions such as the classic combination of prosciutto.
"The FreshPress" is a fresh produce market report we publish every week to help you stay informed. This resource is a quick read that covers a variety of items from the field to your plate.

Click to read this week's report, and stay in touch with your sales consultant for solutions to your needs. #freshpressfriday #peoplepassionproduce #ourfirstnameisfresh

📰 https://www.freshpoint.com/produce-essentials/freshpress-weekly-market-report/
It's Wallpaper Wednesday...and this year we are talking about local produce.

Did you know? We work with over 30 local farmers and artisans in our Mid-Atlantic region!

Early summer brings us summer squash, peppers, and cucumbers, followed by tomatoes, peaches, berries, and watermelons. The heat of the July sun kicks off the summer corn season.

Add a little color to your desktop workspace with this colorful desktop wallpaper. ⁠Click the link to download. 🖥️ https://bit.ly/FP-Jul-2024 #peoplepassionproduce

Coastal Sunbelt
Edmundo Duran currently runs his family’s farm, Duran Sales, but the farm story began one generation before. When Edmundo took over the farm, he started as a sharecropper with Driscoll. In 2024, he began trialing non-plastic packaging, which has traditionally been a difficult obstacle to surpass in the food industry

Did you know we have a whole website dedicated JUST to our local farmers? Click to read more about one of FreshPoint Central California’s local farms, Duran Sales, and while you are there, pop in your zip code to see who our local farmers are near you. #peoplepassionproduce https://local.freshpoint.com/store_page/duran-sales/

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It’s ‪FreshPress Friday‬! Keep tabs on what’s going on in the market....click the link to read this week's full report. ‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬

"The FreshPress" is a market report we publish every week to help you stay informed. This resource is a quick read that covers a variety of items from the field to your plate.

Click to read this week's report, and stay in touch with your sales representative for solutions to your needs. #freshpressfriday #peoplepassionproduce #ourfirstnameisfresh

📰 https://www.freshpoint.com/produce-essentials/freshpress-weekly-market-report/

Our Leadership Team

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Rod Goodner
Director of Operations

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Finance Manager

Kristin Michael
Director of Sales

Billie Jeane Butler
Customer Service Manager