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Central Florida

Founded in 1947 as Red’s Market, FreshPoint Central Florida serves Northern and Central Florida from Tallahassee to Vero Beach to Sebring and everywhere in-between. Distribution also includes coastal Georgia and South Carolina, St Simons Island, Savannah and Hilton Head. Our core values of integrity, excellence, teamwork, responsibility, and inclusiveness help us to achieve our mission of delivering success for our customers through industry-leading people, products, and solutions.


  • 150,000 square-foot facility.
  • Refrigerated loading and receiving dock ensuring an unbroken cold chain.
  • Refrigerated delivery fleet of 115 trucks with digitally-controlled temperature and on-board tablets with geo-fencing.
  • Dedicated culinary specialists to assist you with menu planning, product innovation, and all of your produce needs. Value added services cut-to-order on site for next day delivery.
  • Internet ordering through myFreshPoint.com and Online Account Management through pay.sysco.com
  • State-of-the-art Local Product reporting module.
  • Key Drop program with over 600 deliveries weekly, so your product is in your cooler before you are.

food safety

  • Fully-documented HACCP and recall program FDA/USDA compliant.
  • FDA compliant with Homeland Security bioterrorism guidelines.
  • Disaster Preparedness Action Plan in place.
  • Facility is SQF Certified Level 2.
  • Certificate of Insurance and Grower Good Agriculture Practice required on all products.
  • Food safety preparedness programs for local growers.

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8801 Exchange Drive
Orlando, Florida 32809

P: 407-857-3930 | F: 407-859-2305

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With unmatched fresh produce, knowledge and experience, FreshPoint provides today’s chefs with the ingredients to create tomorrow’s culinary success. Over the last few decades, we have seen revolutionary changes in the produce industry—from refrigerated trucks and fresh-cut produce to submitting and processing orders online. With these innovations, our passion for produce and commitment to helping our customers succeed remains unchanged.
Fiddleheads have been consumed for centuries by numerous cultures. There are records of these delights being consumed in Japan, Siberia, Scandinavia and North America.

Once the coils appear, time is of the essence. The young and flavorful coils will unfurl into an inedible fern in two weeks. People have described the flavor as being a cross between green beans and asparagus, with a nutty undertone, sometimes having a slightly bitter bite. Consider boiling or steaming them and then tossing them in a bit of brown butter with a touch of prosciutto for a uniquely flavored spring side dish. (Note: They must be cooked before eating.)

Fiddlehead ferns are seasonal and at their best in the spring. The early purple-tinged varieties start from the western areas and then as the season progresses the eastern emerald green colored varieties round out the season. Contact your Sales Consultant about availability and adding some to your next order!
Everyone say HI 👋 to Melanie!

She has been a member of our FreshPoint Team for 2 years!

Melanie has been dynamic force at FreshPoint for the past two years. Her journey began as an inside sales consultant, where her dedication and drive quickly propelled her upwards. She now collaborates closely with Karen Beverlin, spearheading our Farmers Market initiatives while also managing high profile accounts for us. Melanie's exceptional work ethic is evident in every project she undertakes, making her a natural leader and earning deep respect across the organization.

Melanie delights in visiting our accounts, sampling new foods, and observing how these establishments integrate Farmers Market produce into their menus.

She embodies the spirit of innovation and excellence that defines FreshPoint. Her ability to set and achieve goals, coupled with her natural leadership abilities, makes her a valuable member of our team. We are proud to have Melanie as part of our team, driving positive change and inspiring those around her to reach greater heights.

We think she is a great example of our Value of Drive Together, which means: when we’re all in, we go all out for each other. Working shoulder to shoulder, we ensure our customers have the tools they need to succeed. When we achieve our shared goals we celebrate not as individuals, but as one.

Melanie, thank you for all you do for us every day, and for helping make FreshPoint a great place to be. Let’s all give her a wave hello 👋 #peoplepassionproduce

FreshPoint Southern California
"The FreshPress" is a fresh produce market report we publish every week to help you stay informed. This resource is a quick read that covers a variety of items from the field to your plate.

Click to read this week's report, and stay in touch with your sales consultant for solutions to your needs. #freshpressfriday #peoplepassionproduce #ourfirstnameisfresh

📰 https://www.freshpoint.com/produce-essentials/freshpress-weekly-market-report/
It’s Ramp season! Also called spring onions, ramson, wild leeks, and even wild garlic, Ramps have a pungent aroma that mellows out once they’re cooked.

The harvest usually begins in late March/early April, with the tell-tale sign being the hearty wild leek leaves bursting through the soil in woodland areas. The season starts off with very thin stems and leaves, and as the short season progresses, they become thicker, and the leaves can be quite large.

The leaves are delicate, and they can become creased, folded, or wrinkled during packing. Since they are most often used cooked, it is not an issue and just something accepted with this delicate item, much like mulberries are always wet upon arrival. While related to leeks, the flavor of ramps is a bit more pungent, but never overpowering.

Ramps are generally available from mid-to-late March, into April with their greens, then sometimes just as bulbs as their season wanes. They are highly perishable and may require a pre-order. Ramp up your spring menu and Contact your Sales Consultant about adding some to your next order.
Have you tried Zuckerman's Farm Delta asparagus? Click the link to read more on what Karen has to say about this particularly tender and juicy springtime treat. ⁠

Don't delay--you'll want to grab some now before the season ends. #peoplepassionproduce


FreshPoint Southern California Zuckerman's Farm
Everyone say HI 👋 to Luis! He has been a member of our FreshPoint Team for 13 years!

Luis's journey within FreshPoint started as a night order selector and his hard work, commitment, and attributes has led him to become a supervisor in repack.

Luis has expanded his role beyond repack, contributing to all areas of day operations. His ability to manage various tasks efficiently, especially during short-staffed periods, reflects his can-do attitude and willingness to embrace challenges head-on.

Luis's dedication, adaptability, and positive approach make him a valuable member of our team, as he embodies our core values every step of the way. We think he is a great example of our Value of “Defining Excellence.”

Luis finds joy in spending quality time with his family, particularly enjoying trips to Disney with them. He is also a passionate soccer fan and loves watching matches whenever he can. Most importantly, Luis cherishes moments with his two beloved daughters.

Luis, thank you for all you do for us every day, and for helping make FreshPoint a great place to be. Let’s all give him a wave hello! 👋 #peoplepassionproduce

FreshPoint Southern California

Our Leadership Team

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Region President

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VP of Finance

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Region VP of Purchasing

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Human Resources

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Region VP of Sales

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VP of Operations

Steve Carney
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