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Central Florida

Founded in 1947 as Red’s Market, FreshPoint Central Florida serves Northern and Central Florida from Tallahassee to Vero Beach to Sebring and everywhere in-between. Distribution also includes coastal Georgia and South Carolina, St Simons Island, Savannah and Hilton Head. Our core values of integrity, excellence, teamwork, responsibility, and inclusiveness help us to achieve our vision of being our customers’ most valued and trusted business partner.


  • 150,000 square-foot facility.
  • Refrigerated loading and receiving dock ensuring an unbroken cold chain.
  • 250 full-time associates.
  • Refrigerated delivery fleet of 115 trucks with digitally-controlled temperature and on-board tablets with geo-fencing.
  • Dedicated culinary specialists to assist you with menu planning, product innovation, and all of your produce needs. Value added services cut-to-order on site for next day delivery.
  • Internet ordering through myFreshPoint.com and Online Account Management through FreshPointAccountCenter.com
  • State-of-the-art Local Product reporting module.
  • Key Drop program with over 600 deliveries weekly, so your product is in your cooler before you are.

food safety

  • Fully-documented HACCP and recall program FDA/USDA compliant.
  • FDA compliant with Homeland Security bioterrorism guidelines.
  • Disaster Preparedness Action Plan in place.
  • Facility is SQF Certified Level 2.
  • Certificate of Insurance and Grower Good Agriculture Practice required on all products.
  • Food safety preparedness programs for local growers.

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8801 Exchange Drive
Orlando, Florida 32809

P: 407-857-3930 | F: 407-859-2305

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With unmatched fresh produce, knowledge and experience, FreshPoint provides today’s chefs with the ingredients to create tomorrow’s culinary success. Over the last few decades, we have seen revolutionary changes in the produce industry—from refrigerated trucks and fresh-cut produce to submitting and processing orders online. With these innovations, our passion for produce and commitment to helping our customers succeed remains unchanged.
We are excited it's Florida lychee season!

This sweet, iridescent, floral-flavored fruit is fantastic as a garnish to a tropical mocktail or cocktail instead of an olive.

Of course they may just be best known as the perfect "grab and go" summer fruit, and having a bowl out for guests is always a treat. But, did you know you could extend that summer sweetness? Check out some tips on using and storing these summer gems in our video. https://youtu.be/ltJpZ09nXNI
Honoring all who have served this #memorialday...today, and every day. #peoplepassionproduce
Restaurants spend an average of 30% of their budget on food cost, and storing your perishables for maximum freshness and shelf life is a priority for any kitchen.

See our tips on:
❄️ How to Maximize Space
❄️ Tips if you have a Small Cooler
❄️ Tips to Increase Shelf Life

Find out some of our best practices and guidelines that will help you maximize your biggest asset: your cooler. Click here for our video link 👉 https://youtu.be/iOyPNhqLGBQ
"The FreshPress" is a comprehensive market report we publish every Friday to help you stay informed. This resource is a quick read that covers a variety of items from the field to your plate.

Click to read this week's report, and stay in touch with your Sales Consultant for solutions to your needs. #freshpressfriday #peoplepassionproduce #ourfirstnameisfresh

📰 https://www.freshpoint.com/produce-essentials/freshpress-weekly-market-report/
Did you know romaine, including romaine hearts, is hand packed in the field? Our QA team is in the fields inspecting what makes the cut, and not everything does. 🥗

Let's go into the field for a little Q and A on QA (Quality Assurance).

Fresh produce is graded by certain benchmarks for size, weight, and appearance, along with flavor and ripeness. Many look to No.1 or Fancy grade product, which is a premium product.

But, food waste is an ongoing problem, and according to the USDA it is estimated at between 30-40% of the food supply. Our Unusual But Usable program shines a spotlight on food waste. When we talk about UBU quality, we are referring to outward appearances only. It will only be misshapen, scarred, or blemished in some way, but not decayed. This is fully usable product for dicing, blending, juicing, or processing.

Chances are you are not using peppers, carrots, or tomatoes whole, so it makes sense to take advantage of our UBU program items to reduce your food cost.

UBU brings you value, while keeping quality and food safety a priority. Each FreshPoint location will have different UBU items available depending on the season and location. If you are taking a look at your food cost, consider asking your representative what UBU items are available to you.

Our Leadership Team

John Kovalik
Region President

David Yelenosky
VP of Finance

Josh MacNaughton
Region VP of Purchasing

Christy Cox
Human Resources

Laura Parkins
Region VP of Sales

Karl Brunner
VP of Operations

Steve Carney
Business Development Specialist

Kelly Kerney
District Sales Manager