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You haven’t had asparagus until you’ve had Zuckerman’s

“Doing cartwheels of joy!” — The Produce Hunter

The California Sacramento River Delta boasts exceptionally rich peat soil. This magnificent soil and the area’s climate combine to grow what many people consider the world’s best asparagus.

In 2004, Russ Parsons’ prescient article about the state of California’s asparagus crop, Delicate Harvest in Crisis, ran in the LA Times. Describing the challenges for California farmers competing with cheap prices on imported asparagus, Parsons wrote, “(Eddie) Zuckerman says total acreage for the state may have to go below 20,000 before asparagus becomes profitable again.” In 2008, third-generation asparagus farmer Roscoe Zuckerman reported that the Delta was down to 15,000 total acres of asparagus, and most of his family has abandoned asparagus farming, leaving Roscoe with just 300 acres of prime Delta land.

To keep his farm in operation, Roscoe is counting on customers who appreciate the unparalleled flavor and texture of his asparagus, and our willingness to pay a bit more for his product. We believe that when you try Zuckerman’s Delta asparagus you will taste the difference and accept no substitute.

This is the very best, freshest asparagus you have ever tasted; add Zuckerman Delta asparagus to your spring menu today!

The Produce Hunter

Image and content contributed by Karen Beverlin, Vice President of Specialty Sales at The Produce Hunter.

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