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Food Waste: A trend we hope becomes a way of life

Food waste is on everyone’s radar; in the United States, food waste is estimated at between 30- 40% of the food supply. You may ask yourself a few questions like, “how can I help the environment and help feed the hungry?”

We hope this “food trend” becomes a way of life.

What started out as a small idea has turned into what we can only describe as a juggernaut, and we have you to thank. Our UBU, Unusual But Usable™, program hit the ground at full speed, selling MILLIONS of pounds of produce seconds in 2016. Produce is graded by certain benchmarks for size, weight, appearance, and ripeness, and when it doesn’t meet that criteria, it falls into a #2 category, or may not even be used at all.

Think of this poor yellow pepper, it goes its whole life hoping it will get picked and used in your fajitas, but just because its nose is a little curly and looks like a teakettle, it gets culled. Nevertheless, you can help this pepper and his other lumpy and scarred friends fulfill their destiny.

Curly-nosed peppers are looking for love too.
Curly-nosed teakettle-shaped peppers are looking for love too.


Our Unusual But Usable program hit the ground at full speed this year, selling MILLIONS of pounds of produce seconds.

Sometimes, yes, you want that perfect produce—for example, a fruit bowl or a display. However, realizing our customers didn’t always need perfect, blemish-free produce for their chopped, sliced, and diced needs was a perfect fit for UBU produce, and it is also less expensive. It’s a win-win.

Did you know: UBU went to Washington…

At the House Ag Committee hearing on food waste on May 25, 2016, John Oxford, CEO of L&M Companies and chairman-elect of the Produce Marketing Association, referenced UBU in his testimony of food waste in America.


Think of the pepper, take a look at your menu and ask yourself, “where can I use a UBU curly-nosed pepper* today?” 

*He was sold, but we have more! Contact your rep today and find out what friends of his we have in stock.


Find out more details about our UBU program, and how we are shining a spotlight on food waste, while making value and food safety a priority.

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Blog post submission by Lisa Pettineo, National Business Development and Marketing Coordinator at FreshPoint, Inc. Images courtesy of FreshPoint Central California.


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