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From Food Waste to Candy

It’s citrus season, and blood oranges, Meyer’s lemons, tangerines, mandarins, and Cara Cara navels are all abound—they are gorgeous and fragrant—with their citrus scent filling the room as you start peeling. Their rind, their gorgeous, fragrant rind, what do you do with them?

Food waste is on everyone’s radar and we want to use them.

Don’t overlook the intense flavor hiding in the rind. Zest the peels and puree with salt or sugar to rim cocktail glasses, or, candy the peels and add to, well, everything!

If it’s delicious, it’s not food waste.


Citrus has a unique advantage in that it’s intensely flavored, sweet and sometimes bitter, lending itself well to the candying process.

There’s no need to be intimated by the candying process—it’s easy. Here’s how Bon Appetit suggests to candy grapefruit, but you can sub any citrus you like. Just slice the peels into strips, boil twice in water, drain, and then boil it again with sugar until translucent. After you dry them, toss with more sugar and they are ready.

The Hungry Mouse says, “Once you cook the fruit peel, don’t toss the sugar syrup! It’s deeply flavorful and will make a wonderful addition to desserts, cocktails, and tea.” Great idea! Orange syrup is great for drinks or adding to tea.

Vary the types of citrus for added color and flavor and use them in or as garnish for desserts, add to chicken salad, dip them in chocolate, or use as a garnish for cocktails. You can also puree them with more sugar and sprinkle on pastries.

Not just for candy

Don’t be limited with just candying them, you can dry the rinds (without boiling them) and keep them on hand for stir fries: think Orange Chicken or Orange Beef.



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