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Chef Story — Chuck Abair, Executive Chef of the Saint & Second Belmont Shore

“It’s always fun to experiment and find something new and creative.”

We talk to chefs for their orders, or see them in the mornings as they’re opening the kitchen, but we rarely get to hear their personal stories. Chuck Abair is the Executive Chef of the Saint & Second Belmont Shore in Long Beach, CA, and he shared his chef story with us.

Why did you decide to become a chef?

“It was my grandmother. Growing up she would cook these amazing Hawaiian dishes. For what ever reason, while she was cooking I was the only grandchild allowed in the kitchen. That always resonated with me, and drove my passion for creating food.”

What is your favorite dish to eat or prepare at Yardbird Southern Table and Bar?

“Fried Octopus—fingerling potatoes, pickled red onions, arugula, sriracha aioli, and lime juice.”

What do you like to do when you are away from the kitchen?

“I like to go to the beach with my wife and two kids.”

When are you happiest at work?

“I really enjoy creating new dishes inspired by the seasons. It’s always fun to experiment and find something new and creative.”

Why do you choose to buy your produce from FreshPoint?

“Its important to me to find local, fresh, quality produce at a fair price. FreshPoint sources all of my organic produce and quite a few of my items through the Santa Monica Farmers Market. It really shows a difference in the food we serve.”


Thank you Chuck—we love hearing about the chef story of our chef partners, and why they love to do what they do. Everyone has a story. Send us yours.

Image and content contributed by Taylor Hardin, one of FreshPoint Southern California’s fantastic Produce Specialists, and Chuck Abair. You can also find out about Saint and Second Belmont Shore at: or get social with them on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

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