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FreshPoint Dallas: 100 Years of Fresh

FreshPoint Dallas celebrated its 100th Anniversary on Saturday, September 16th, with an amazing associate event at Toyota Stadium in Frisco, home of FC Dallas.

Approximately 1,000 associates and family members gathered for a huge BBQ tailgate, complete with player and mascot appearances, soccer clinics, face painting, and over $10,000 in raffle prizes!

Immediately afterwards, families enjoyed the special perk of forming a human rally tunnel to welcome our players onto the field. One associate’s family members were also chosen to lead the stadium in the Pledge of Allegiance, with two more to escort and hold our American Flag on the field.

After that, it was off to their seats for the game and lots of cheering for the home team. Everyone went home tired, happy and proud to be an associate of FreshPoint Dallas.

The rally tunnel

The History of FreshPoint Dallas

The FreshPoint/American Produce story began over 100 years ago, with the vision of James LaBarba. After coming to America in the early 1900’s, James and his wife, Katie, settled in Dallas and started American Produce, selling quality fruits and vegetables. Immediately after prohibition, James, along with his five sons, started American Wine & Importing, the first wine distributor in the state of Texas. The end of World War II brought further expansion and the LaBarba family opened American Trucking (interstate trucking), American Pre-Pack (best known for Fresh Popeye Spinach) and Southwest Juice Company.

Much later, the name American Produce was changed to American FoodService to encompass our expanding line of inventory. In 1996, FreshPoint acquired American FoodService and American Pre-Pack was sold to River Ranch, an Albert Fisher company that is now Taylor Farms.

With the guidance and vision of FreshPoint and Sysco over the past 21 years, and especially with each of you here today making this vision a reality, our company has grown into making FreshPoint North America the leading and most respected fresh produce company in the country!

Continued teamwork, mutual respect, and communication are the building blocks we inherited from our past and now carry into the future. With your continued dedication to servicing our many valued customers, FreshPoint Dallas remains committed to helping our customers succeed for another 100 years.


  • freshpoint-dallas-100-years-9
    The rally tunnel
  • freshpoint-dallas-100-years-12
    AJ and Mary Krow
  • freshpoint-dallas-100-years-11
    Joe and Carl Labarba's speeches
  • freshpoint-dallas-100-years-10
  • freshpoint-dallas-100-years-5
    Joe, David, and Mike meet Tex
  • freshpoint-dallas-100-years-4
  • freshpoint-dallas-100-years-3
  • freshpoint-dallas-100-years-1
    David and Mike accepting the jersey .
  • freshpoint-dallas-100-years-8
  • freshpoint-dallas-100-years-6-shane-lovell-and-wee-frazier
    Shane Lovell and Wee Frazier
  • freshpoint-dallas-100-years-wee-frazier
    Wee Frazier


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