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Receiving Information: Good quality of leaf lettuce should be fresh, crisp, and well-colored. Avoid lettuce that appears wilted or shows signs of spotting or decay. Storage/Handling: Temperature/humidity recommendation for short-term storage of 7 days or less: 33 _36 degrees F. 85-95% relative humidity. Store in coldest part of cooler away from doors and blowers. Avoid cross contamination with other food products such as; fresh meat, poultry, seafood, dairy products, or any fully cooked product. Maintain an active rotation system that adheres to FIFO, or ñfirst inî, first out.î Use and honor ñuse-byî dates.


The leaves of this lettuce are crisp & green on the outside, while inner leaves, which are not exposed to light, are rather yellowish or whitish. Common cultivated types of lettuce are derived from the species Lactuca sativa, originally from Eurasia & a member of the daisy family, Compositae.

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We are focusing on head lettuce (the most common is Iceberg), Leaf lettuce, and Romaine lettuce, for this episode of Produce 101: Lettuce

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Produce 101: Lettuce


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