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Chef Story Adam Jones of Rocky Top Hospitality

Chef Story — Adam Jones, Culinary Director of Rocky Top Hospitality

“Here I am, cutting fish on a Tuesday…”

We talk to chefs for their orders, or see them in the mornings as they’re opening the kitchen, but we rarely get to hear their personal stories. Adam Jones is the Culinary Director of Rocky Top Hospitality, and he shared his chef story with us.

How did you get started in the restaurant industry?

“Like a lot of folks, I started washing dishes; I was 14 and got a job at a restaurant called Chaos in Rocky Mount. I decided I wanted to do more than wash dishes, so I started watching and paying attention to the chef. He was classically trained and I learned a lot. When they closed the restaurant, I followed him over to the Benvenue Country Club. I worked for him throughout high school.”

How did you become involved with where you work?

“I applied for the sous chef position at the old Michael Deans (Seafood Oyster Grill Bar) and got the job. An opportunity to take over as the executive chef opened up, and so I did that for a couple of years. I moved on to be the executive chef of Mash House, then came back and ran Twisted Fork as GM and chef. After that, I was made the culinary director for the group, and here I am cutting fish on a Tuesday.”

What is your favorite item to make with Rocky Top Hospitality?

“The BBQ at Twisted Fork.”

When you have free time, how do you use it?

“I spend time with family, my wife, and my kids. We like to entertain at the house, and get out the smoker.”

What do you like to cook at home?

“Pork is my favorite; anything in the smoker, I smoke a lot of meats. Oh, I also make broccoli casserole. I make that all the time, my wife is so sick of it but it’s so good.”

How has your experience with FreshPoint been so far?

“I like FreshPoint, you all are very helpful. Folks that work there are very down to earth, reliable, and dedicated. You also have a great local program.”

What is the most important thing you’d like everyone to learn about Rocky Top Hospitality?

“We’re right down the road! Come on in and have a beer, they’re like $3. Seriously though, you guys are great partners and we appreciate all your hard work.”

Thank you Adam—we love hearing about the chef story of our chef partners, and why they love to do what they do. Everyone has a story. Send us yours.

Image and content contributed by FreshPoint Raleigh and Adam Jones, the Culinary Director for Rocky Top Hospitality. You can also find out about them at: Rocky Top Catering, Dean’s Kitchen and Bar, Twisted Fork, 1705 Prime, and Daily Planet.

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