•  Health: Radish greens are high in vitamin C, which is a cancer-fighting antioxidant.
  • Usage: Radishes are most often used in salads and vegetable trays.
  • Taste: Radishes have a bold, spicy flavor.
  • Scientific Name: Raphanus sativus.

Receiving Information:

  • Pithy or spongy texture: Indication of age. Always inspect radishes carefully upon arrival to ensure good quality product. Do not hold radishes for long periods of time.
  • Top or root growth; softening: Indication of storage at high temperatures – store radishes at 32-36 degrees F/0-2 degrees C with a humidity level of 90-98%.
  • Yellowing tops: Indication of ethylene exposure – keep bunched radishes away from ethylene-producing produce and ripening rooms.
  • Selection: Shoppers should look for radishes with good color that have a solid feel to them. Mushy or decaying radishes should be avoided.


  • Optimum Temp (F):  32 – 32F    0.0 – 0.0 C
  • Optimum Humidity:  95 – 100 %
  • Storage Life (Days):  10 – 21
  • Ethylene Producer:  No
  • Ethelyne Sensitive:  No
  • Water Sprinkle:  Yes
  • Odor Producer:  No
  • Ripens After Harvest:  No
  • Mist:  Yes
  • Top Ice:  No
  • Odor Sensitive:  No
  • Storage: Radishes need to be kept cold. Keep them refrigerated to keep them looking crisp. Bunched radishes should be placed with other misted vegetables, but avoid misting bagged product.

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