Baby Yellow Eggplant


10 lb. carton


March through early June (subject to availability)


Truck or Airfreight




2 days


The original eggplant, descended from the wild form, was similar in shape and color to a hen’s egg (hence, the name). In Italy, eggplants were already being cultivated in about 1550, and today, throughout the Mediterranean, eggplant is as much a part of the daily meals as potatoes, onion and garlic. Incredibly adaptable, eggplant’s white, very mild flesh goes well with just about any other ingredient. These BABY YELLOW EGGPLANTS are an example of the seemingly infinite variety of eggplant shapes and colors. All eggplant contains the toxin solanine, rendering this vegetable inedible when raw. Salting the spongy flesh before cooking removes excess water and bitter substances. When broiled, grilled, fried, roasted or sauteed, eggplant has a dense texture that’s particularly welcome in vegetarian dishes. Complementary flavors include olive oil, dark sesame and roasted peanut oils, cream, Parmesan, ricotta, goat cheese, Gruyere, feta, yogurt, tahini, garlic, basil, peanuts, pine nuts, ginger, soy, cilantro, saffron, lemon, red wine vinegar, balsamic vinegar, tomatoes, peppers, onions, summer squash, chickpeas and potatoes.

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