FM Young Ginger


5 lb


Truck or Airfreight



Young Ginger is the original Ginger used to make “Gari”, pickled Ginger featured with sushi dishes. It has the same shape as traditional Ginger but it is much less fibrous and offers plump texture with juicy flavor. Young Ginger is mild and able to be eaten raw. When thinly sliced the color is almost translucent with a naturally faint, blush-pink color toward the root stalk. This ginger is perfect for candying or pickling because of the delicate fibers. If pickling the Ginger, the faint pink color can be enhanced with raw beets and pickled with rice vinegar. When cooked with shellfish or seafood, the mild Young Ginger will not over power the seafood taste; feature with sea scallops for a perfect combination.

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