Cape Gooseberry


12/.5 pints


Year round


Truck or Airfreight




1 day


Cape Gooseberries were introduced to England in the eighteenth century but seem to have been known to the Greeks as early as the third century AD. The early settlers in South Africa cultivated Cape Gooseberries in the Cape of Good Hope, giving rise to one theory on how they acquired their name. Cape Gooseberries (physalis, ground cherries, golden berries) are distantly related to Tomatoes, Peppers, Eggplant and Potatoes, although you would never guess it from their appearance. The small, orange-gold berries are encased in a papery beige husk, similar to a Chinese lantern or Tomatillo. They have a rather tart, mildly scented flavor reminiscent of a ripe Gooseberry with a hint of Strawberry, or as one of our team members noted, " They taste like a tropical mixed drink." When their papery husk is pulled back to reveal their smooth, bright fruit, Cape Gooseberries are at their visual best. Dipped in fondant or chocolate or unadulterated, they are a dramatic addition to desserts or dessert plates.

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