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One of our favorite cookbooks, not just for the inspirational recipes but also for sheer reading pleasure, is Judy Rodgers’ The Zuni Cafe Cookbook. Chef Rodgers introduces a Minutina Salad recipe with: “I fell for minutina the first time I mistook it for lawn clippings–this at Eastertime in a three-stall market in Impruneta, not far south of Florence. Harvested young, the leaves of erba stella (Plantago coronopus) are vaguely succulent in texture and have a pleasant, mineraly taste, a little like raw spinach. Although I have never seen minutina in an American market, I include it here not as a taunt or curiosity, but instead to promote the little plant, which is easy to grow and makes a fetching salad. We have clients who ask regularly if there might be a little in-house even when they don’t see it on the menu.” You don’t need to travel to Italy for your Minutina! Thanks to a really great grower, we have it here! Buy The Zuni Cafe Cookbook to be inspired by Chef Rodgers’ Minutina Salad recipe. Buy our Minutina Greens so you can create salads that diners request even when they’re not on the menu!

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