FM Rainier Cherry


10 lb


May thru Aug Dec and Jan


Truck or Airfreight

Hot Produce

1 day


The Rainier, a combination of the Bing and Van cherry varieties, is light cream to golden colored with a pink to red blush. The most precious of cherry varieties, its flesh is sweet and delicate with a colorless juice. Like most fresh fruit, Ranier Cherries can be bagged and frozen for several months. Pit and remove stems, freeze in one layer on large baking sheets and enjoy one of summer’ s favorite flavors in the dead of winter. Delicious when eaten out-of-hand or cooked, Ranier cherries are wonderful in clafoutis (a nice change from the more traditional Bing cherry) or a cherry-frangipane tart. Along the frangipane line, a few drops of pure almond extract added to baked cherries complements their flavor. Spoon over vanilla ice cream and Voila! Cherry perfection!

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