Black Knight (Purple) Carrot


10lb (small or Table sizes available)


March through July


Truck or Airfreight


1 day


In Roman times, Carrots were either purple or white. It was the Dutch who selected for and popularized the orange Carrot. So while purple Carrots are new to us, they represent the Carrot’ s earliest incarnations. We were only mildly interested in these Black Knight Carrots when we first saw them. Yes, their very dark purple color goes all the way to their white core (they appear red in this picture but they really are a dark purple in real life!). Yes, they still have tons of color even after they are peeled. Yes, the purple color is rich and deep. But it was when we threw them in the oven and roasted them that we were really impressed. When cooked, the Black Knight Carrot’ s intense purple color becomes even darker more saturated. We cut them in half length-wise the white core was beautifully displayed in stark relief next the dark purple flesh. Truly unusual. Really beautiful. And icing on the Carrot cake: their flavor is excellent and their texture is smooth. Wow. Those Romans really knew a good Carrot!

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