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Receiving Information: Mushrooms should have a fresh, well shaped appearance, firm texture, and be free of spots. Size and color do not affect quality. Open veils are not a sign of poor quality. Avoid mushrooms that show signs of deterioration, mold, or that appear slimy. Storing tips: Store mushrooms in original containers; do not store in plastic bags. Keep fresh mushrooms away from foods with strong odors. Handling tips: Handle fresh mushrooms with care to avoid bruising. Storage/Handling: Store in original container to avoid over handling, wash with cool water before use. Temperature/humidity recommendation for short-term storage of 7 days or less: 32-36 degrees F. 90-98% relative humidity.


AKA: Agaricus Bisporus. Two brown colored strains developed from the common white mushroom; the Portabella and the Crimini. They are the same mushroom, the only difference is the stage to which they are allow to grow. Similar in appearance to Agaricus. Naturally dark cap ranges in color from light tan to brown. Flavor is deeper, denser, and more earthy than Agaricus. May be used raw or cooked. Also marketed as Crimini, Baby Bellas, Golden Italian, Roman, or classic brown mushrooms; they are juvenile portabellas.

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