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Receiving Information: Maintain adequate air circulation during storage. For extended storage (longer than 7 days), reduce humidity to 65-75%. Exposing garlic to high temperatures and high humidity may promote molding, sprouting, or root growth. For short-term storage of 7 days or less, garlic may be held at 32-36 degrees F/0- 2 degrees C with a humidity of 90-98%. If garlic must be held for a longer period of time, reduce humidity to 65-75%. Maintaining adequate air circulation will also help prevent molding, sprouting, and root growth. Storage/Handling: Temperature/humidity recommendation for short-term storage of 7 days or less: 32-36 degrees F. 90-98% relative humidity.


Garlic, along with onions, are ingredients that are indispensable in countless cuisines. No other ingredient can come close to the multitasking nature of Garlic. When raw, it’s hot bite can be used in marinades and salsas. Once cooked, it mellows and becomes sweeter. Serve raw in recipes or roast, fry, saut_, marinate, or blanche…however you choose to use it, garlic is a true kitchen essential. Generally sold mature and well cured, compact, with cloves well filled and fairly plump, free from mold, decay, shattered cloves, and from damage caused by dirt, staining, sunburn, sunscald, cuts, sprouts, tops, roots, disease, insects, mechanical or other means. Each bulb shall be fairly well enclosed in its outer sheath. Unless otherwise specified, the minimum diameter of each bulb shall be not less than 1 1/2 inches.

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We are delighted to announce that FreshPoint was recently awarded Texas Roadhouse's Vendor of the Year Award at their 2024 conference.

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