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Receiving Information: Good quality carrots should be well-shaped with firm, smooth exteriors. Color should be vibrant orange to orange-red. For best quality, tops should be closely trimmed since they tend to decay rapidly. Avoid flabby, soft, or wilted carrots or product that shows any mildew, decay, growth cracks, or splits. Bitter flavor„carrots may acquire a bitter flavor if exposed to ethylene gas. Store away from ethylene producing fruits and ripening rooms. Wilting-carrots may wilt if stored in a n area with low humidity. Decay; sprouting-may begin to decay or sprout if stored at high temperatures. Cracks; flabby or discolored skin„these are indications of freeze damage. Yellow tips; soft spots„these are signs of age and will result in a poor flavored product. Storage/Handling: Temperature/humidity recommendation for short-term storage of 7 days or less: 32 _36 degrees F. 85-95% relative humidity. Store in coldest part of cooler away from doors and blowers.

Avoid cross contamination with other food products such as; fresh meat, poultry, seafood, dairy products, or any fully cooked product. Maintain an active rotation system that adheres to FIFO, or ñfirst inî, first out.î
Use and honor ñuse-byî dates.


Although there are many varieties of carrots, they are generally sold according to size. Carrots are characterized by a firm, smooth exterior, orange to orange-red color, and crunchy texture. Carrots are a root vegetable originating in the Middle East and central Asia. The ancestor of the carrot we know today was purple in color, verging on black. The yellow variety is most likely the result of a mutation. Both the purple and yellow varieties were used by the Greeks and Romans for the medicinal qualities.

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Produce 101: Carrots, Onions, Celery


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