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Receiving Information: Chinese long bean varies somewhat, from a pale green to a very deep almost forest green. Texture should be crisp and firm. Storage/Handling: Temperature/humidity recommendation for short-term storage of 7 days or less: 40-45 degrees F. 90-95% relative humidity. Store in coldest part of cooler away from doors and blowers. Avoid cross contamination with other food products such as; fresh meat, poultry, seafood, dairy products, or any fully cooked product. Maintain an active rotation system that adheres to FIFO, or ñfirst inî, first out.î Use and honor ñuse-byî dates.


Chinese Long Beans are a pencil thin green bean also referred to as “yard-long beans” because they can grow up to three feet in length. Although they are related to black-eyed peas, the taste is similar to green beans and they do not require stringing.

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