Beans, Green



  • Usage: Good for eating fresh, freezing, canning.
  • Taste: Nutty
  • Storage Quality: Round seeds with long, straight pods
  • Shape: Rumpled
  • Outside Coloring: Silvery green
  • Flesh Description: Tender, meaty
  • The different varieties of beans contain different nutrients that promote health including fiber, folate and vitamin C that help to prevent cancer. Beans can be found to be fat-free, saturated fat-free, cholesterol-free, low in calories, very low sodium, a good source of vitamin C, iron, folate, phosphorus, copper, magnesium and potassium depending on the variety.

Receiving Information:

  • Retain moisture: Wash beans before refrigeration to prevent from drying out.
  • Pitted, loss of moisture:
  • Evidence of chilling injury to the beans if held at temperatures below 40 degrees F/4.4 degrees C.
  • Selection: Shoppers should use beans that are free from obvious dark spots. The best beans are the ones that are firm and snap when they are bent.
  • Stocking: Snap bean containers should be stacked to allow maximum air circulation.


  • Optimum Temp (F):  40-45F  /  4.4 – 7.2 C
  • Optimum Humidity:  90 – 95 %
  • Storage Life (Days):  4 – 5
  • Ethylene Producer:  No
  • Ethylene Sensitive:  Yes
  • Water Sprinkle:  No
  • Odor Producer:  No
  • Ripens After Harvest:  No
  • Mist:  No
  • Top Ice:  No
  • Odor Sensitive:  No

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