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Receiving Information: Bananas are extremely susceptible to fluctuating temperatures. Do not expose them to extremes of cold or heat. Avoid setting containers in drafts, near heating vents, windows or motors. Storage/Handling: Gray-yellow or dull yellow bananas, an indicator of improper temperature handling, lose eye-appeal but not taste unless severely mishandled. Bananas are susceptible to scarring and bruising if roughly handled. Promptly unload container delivery trucks with care. Never drop, roll or tip boxes. Do not stack on wet floors. Do not place heavy objects on top of cartons. Temperature to store: do not store below 55 degrees F.


Try frying or caramelizing regular and petite bananas to offer patrons expanded dessert choices. Many specialty bananas stand up well to cooking. Offer them as a tropical side dish. Try green bananas for baking, broiling or boiling. Bananas are a natural for any breakfast, especially buffets. Growing Regions: Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Guatemala, Honduras.

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Produce 101: Banana Guide

To manage your food cost, it is important to know the right stage of banana you need, and when to order them. Check out our Produce 101: Banana Guide.

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Produce 101: Banana Guide


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