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Choy Sum, also known as Chinese Flowering Cabbage, is the most preferred green in China and the most popular cooking green in Hong Kong. Choy Sum is related to Bok Choy but Choy Sum is slightly thinner and has a more prominent mustard flavor in the stem. Choy Sum’s most notable feature is the vitamin packed health benefits of calcium, folic acid, fiber and Vitamin A.

In addition to being healthy, Choy Sum is rich in flavor! Choy Sum is a flavor combination of Spinach and Cabbage with a Mustard kick that increases as the green grows. It will taste more similar to cabbage when the leaves are younger. The green leaves are juicy and tender! Yellow flowers blossom to indicate an increase in sweetness when the green matures.

Rinse cold and then prepare as you please. Try as a vegetable dish or sliced in stir fry. For stir fry, first blanch or steam until leaves are bright green, stir sesame or peanut oil into a wok, add Choy Sum and desired vegetables for a delicious veggie stir fry.

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