Banana Blossom


35 lb wire-bound


Truck or Airfreight


1 week


The deep purplish-crimson-colored BANANA BLOSSOM is used as a vegetable from Sri Lanka to Laos. The flower is borne at the end of the stem. Long, slender, sterile male flowers with a faint sweet fragrance are lined up in tidy rows and protected by large reddish bracts. Higher up the stem are groups of female flowers which develop into 8 without fertilization. In Thailand, slices of tender banana blossom are eaten raw with the pungent dip known as nam prik, or with fried noodles, or simmered in a hot sour soup with chicken, galanga and coconut milk. In the Philippines, banana blossom is added to the famous kari-kari, a rich beef stew. ‘Banana blossom’ or ‘banana heart’ are the favored names in the Philippines amd ‘banana heart’ in Indonesia purely because its color and shape suggest a heart. In Sri Lanka, it is simply ‘plantain flower’. In Australia it is known as ‘banana bell’.

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