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Receiving Information: Mushrooms should have a fresh, well-shaped appearance, firm texture, and be free of spots. Size does not affect quality. Avoid mushrooms that show signs of deterioration, mold or that appear slimy. Storage/Handling: Store mushrooms in original containers. Keep mushrooms away from strong-odored foods. Handle with care to avoid bruising. Dark-spotting, slimy texture are indications of improper storage conditions. Do not sprinkle with water. Fresh mushrooms may exhibit dehydration or general deterioration if they are stored in an area with low humidity. Temperature/humidity recommendation for short term storage of 7 days or less: 34 - 36 degrees F /Humidity 90_ 98%.


Enoki mushrooms are underrated in our book. Their long graceful stems tops with plump tiny caps are great for garnishing salads or soups just before serving. Cultivated in cylindrical or bottle shaped vessels, encouraging their long slender shape.

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Produce 101: Mushrooms


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