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Receiving Information: Rough, woody texture: Indication of age - choose small to medium sized beets with tender, fresh green tops. Small size usually indicates younger more tender beets. Sprouting decay: Indication of storage at high temperatures - maintain storage temperature of 32-36 degrees F/0-2 degrees C. Low air circulation may also promote decay; be sure to maintain adequate air circulation while store beets. Bunched beets are more perishable than topped beets. Wilting: Indication of storage in an area with low humidity - maintain humidity level of 90-98%. Storage/Handling: Optimum Temp (F):32 - 32F 0.0 - 0.0 C. Optimum Humidity:98 - 100 % Storage Life (Days):10 - 14. Ethylene Producer: No. Ethylene Sensitive: No. Water Sprinkle: Yes. Odor Producer: No. Ripens After Harvest: No. Mist: Yes. Top Ice: Yes. Odor Sensitive: No.


Scientific Name: Beta vulgaris, commonly known as beetroot or beet which is the common American English term for this vegetable. Skin Texture: Smooth, slightly waxy and firm. Shape: Round, flattened shape. Flesh Description: Firm, hard. Usage: Good for cooking and pickling. Taste: Sweet to very sweet. Outside Coloring: Yellow/orange. Size: Small _ Large.

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