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Produce 101: Winter Squash

Summer Squash vs. Winter Squash You may wonder what a winter squash is versus a summer squash…well, the short answer is it’s a squash that’s allowed to fully mature. The seeds fully mature and become hard, the skin becomes a lot thicker, and the flesh is really dense–and these squashes typically (but not always) need...

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pumpkin-pie-freshpoint-produce-is it really pumpkin you’re buying in those cans

Is it really pumpkin you’re buying in those cans?

Very few items are as evocative of a season as are pumpkins. Jack-O-Lanterns, pumpkin pies and warm spices all come to mind. Yet, the history and importance of the pumpkin is often overlooked. Native Americans prized pumpkins and squash as a sacred crop, as they also did with beans and corn, in fact, these three...

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Why you should always eat the winter squash seeds

Hard squashes, aka winter squash and fall squash, are a uniquely American product. Early Native Americans held them in a place of reverence, as one of the Three Sisters, the other “sisters” being corn and beans. You may be wondering why. Well, it all comes down to the symbiotic nature these crops shared. Nutritionally, these...

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