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Fresh Things Video: What do Figs and Wasps have in common?

Hi I’m Chef Dan with FreshPoint, and well, I offered to shoot this video only wearing a fig leaf, but…well, you’re welcome… (Thanks Dan!) So figs and wasps have a unique relationship. Why is that? Well the fig tree isn’t pollinated by bees like most other crops. It’s actually pollinated by the fig wasp. Even...

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Fresh Things Video: Different Types of Heirloom Tomatoes

Now that the summer harvest is upon us, the tomato bounty is here as well. Exactly how old are heirloom tomatoes? What is an heirloom tomato? I brought along a few today, and you can see that they’re a little lumpy. They’re different colors, but boy oh boy, do they taste great! What are the...

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Fresh Things Video: What is a Hatch Chile Pepper

The Hatch chile pepper harvest has begun. It’s a three week season, very short, and people in New Mexico go absolutely crazy for these gems. So what is a Hatch chile pepper? Much different than a traditional bell pepper–it’s a variety of Anaheim pepper grown in Hatch, New Mexico. Picked green it’s used in chili...

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Fresh Things Video: What are the best vegetables to grill?

Hi, I’m Chef Dan with FreshPoint, and with summer barbecuing season upon us I really love grilling vegetables. I’m going to go over a few suggestions of what I consider the best vegetables to grill. So what are the best vegetables to grill? I prefer the softer ones such as squashes, zucchini, and mushrooms—even asparagus...

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Fresh Things Video: Peaches or nectarines?

Hi I’m Chef Dan from FreshPoint, and stone fruit season this upon us. Peaches or nectarines? Nectarine season is under full swing; we’ve got some of the best growers available sending us fruit on a weekly basis. So in the eternal summer battle of stone fruit, peaches vs. nectarines, who comes out ahead? Well, there’s really...

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