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2019 Culinary Trends: What Our Experts are Talking About

Our experts are pretty passionate about produce. Here’s what they have to say on a few 2019 Culinary Trends they are reading about, eating, and seeing in the industry. Targeting Specific Diets Lisa Pettineo, Digital Marketing Manager The healthy eating trend has been around for years. Like Dan says below, the momentum of whole food,...

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Video: How to clean Morel mushrooms

As one of the more prized wild mushrooms, Morels are rich, meaty, and lend themselves well to butter and cream. But with all those nooks and crannies, have you ever wondered how to clean morel mushrooms? Dan fills us in on this delicious springtime beauty.   Let’s talk a little bit about morels. They’re another member...

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Video: Mushrooms, a simple ingredient–but packed with umami flavor

Chef Dan talks to us today about mushrooms.   Hi, I’m Chef Dan with FreshPoint Central Florida. I wanted to talk to you today about mushrooms. I’ve brought along two of my favorites. I’ve brought along the original button mushroom, the cremini. This is the original commercially-cultivated mushroom. It later mutated into what we know...

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