Overton Distributors

Overton Distributors is a seventy-two year old full-line fresh fruit and vegetable foodservice distributor with operating locations in Nashville, Tennessee; Charlotte, North Carolina; and Raleigh, North Carolina. These centers cover Middle & East Tennessee, Southern Kentucky, North Carolina and parts of South Carolina with three to six day service. All facilities are Cook and Thurber approved centers operating under HACCP guidelines.

Since 1987, Overton has been operating a long-haul division running 48 states in the refrigerated carriage industry. Our terminal is located in Lavergne, Tennessee under the name Overton Transportation Services. All equipment is satellite equipped for real time tracking for on time delivery.

With distribution, transportation, tomato packing and management services all being core business units, Overton has positioned itself to continue the quality and value chain from the grower to the foodservice unit. We have earned the highest rating the Blue Book offers for integrity in business transactions and financial strength. Our reputation in the industry is strong and consistent. Overton’s operational philosophy is to relentlessly focus on the customer, the team member, and the supply base.

Service Area

Middle & East Tennessee

Southern Kentucky

North Carolina

South Carolina


Full-line fresh produce, fresh herbs, exotic and baby vegetables and imported produce items.

Full-line value added fresh vegetables and salad mixes.

Segments Served

Hotels, fine dining, casual dining, government facilities and caterers, resorts, schools/institutions, universities and hospitals/healthcare



740 Massman Drive
Nashville, TN 37210
615.256.0614 Telephone
615.440.5735 Fax
866.465.9515 Toll Free

Jim Williamson

Director Procurement
Don Upton

Director of Sales
Max Boyle

Sales Manager
Brandon Styll

Michelle Harding

Other Locations
FreshPoint Charlotte
FreshPoint Raleigh