Founded in 1917, FreshPoint Dallas has been serving the finest clientele in America as the leading distributor of perishable products to the foodservice and retail segments in the extended Dallas/Ft. Worth area for over 83 years. We are the primary supplier to many of the top restaurants, hotels and other fine eating establishments through the Metroplex. FreshPoint Dallas offers a complete line of fresh fruit and vegetables, fresh meats, cheeses as well as a full line of frozen and grocery foodservice products. The company is under the leadership of the third generation of the LaBarba family. Our associates are dedicated to preserving our rich heritage that has made American FoodService successful and are committed to providing all customers with: "THE TOTAL QUALITY FOODSERVICE EXPERIENCE."

Service Area

Dallas and Ft. Worth greater metro area

North Texas region


Full-line fresh produce, fresh herbs, exotic and baby vegetables and imported produce items.

Frozen and grocery foodservice producs

Fresh meats and cheeses

Non foods

Segments Served

White tablecloth restaurants, casual restaurants, ethnic restaurants, caterers, chain accounts, hotels, hospitals and schools

Delis and retail produce


4721 Simonton Road
Dallas, TX 75244
972.385.5800 Telephone
972.385.5809 Fax

David Whitlock

VP Sales
Carl M. LaBarba

VP Retail Sales
Joe P. LaBarba

VP Finance & Operations
Tim Hurd

Sales Managers
Steve Pool
Shelly Peel

Derek Palmieri
Keith Bulthuis

Produce Buyers
Paula Dingman
Jeff Blackmon

Frozen & Grocery Buyer
Kim Smith

Human Resources
Gabe Pinon

FreshPoint Dallas Newsletter (PDF)